Payment Methods

We support all popular payment methods.
Credit & Cheque Cards
Credit and cheque cards issued by Visa and Mastercard are the most popular and trusted online payment methods around the world. Including South Africa.
How credit and cheque cards work:
1. During the checkout process, you will be prompted to enter your credit or cheque card details.
2. The 3D Secure page will then appear where you will need to authenticate yourself with your bank using either a password or one-time PIN (OTP).
3. You can then make the payment, which once processed will show in your bank statement as PAYFAST*SLAYTRACK.

Instant EFT

Instant EFT by PayFast allows online shoppers with access to internet banking to make an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) that gets instantly verified.
An EFT is the second most popular online payment method in South Africa after credit and cheque cards. Instant EFT gives you the choice to create a payment your banking portal. Below are the supported banks:
How Instant EFT works:
1. Select your bank and log in using your online banking credentials.
        2. Next choose from which account you will be making the payment.
3. Then verify the payment with your bank on your mobile device.


A free digital wallet from Mastercard that enables online shoppers to quickly and securely check out and make online payments.

How Masterpass works:
1. After you select Masterpass as your payment method during checkout, you are shown a QR code.
2. You can scan the QR code by using the Masterpass App on your mobile device or complete the payment within the Masterpass App, if checking out on mobile.
3. The payment is authorised with your bank PIN and once processed.

Debit Cards

Debit cards issued by Maestro and Visa Electron are still popular among many South African shoppers, and can be used to make online purchases through Payfast. Below are the supported banks:
How debit cards work:
1. Debit card payments can be made using cards issued by Visa Electron and Maestro.
2. When you choose to pay by debit card at checkout you are prompted to enter your registered mobile phone number.
3. Next you enter your debit card details and PIN on your mobile phone.

Manual EFT/Deposit directly into our bank account
With manual EFT you will have to deposit the full amount of your order to our bank account:
Acc No: 62748358779
Account: Cheque
Name: Slaytrack (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB
Branch code: 250655
Please use your order number as reference when making payment and email proof of payment to . Please note that payment should be processed within 48hrs otherwise your order will be cancelled.